Considering the design intent of the project, a “conceptual catalog”, presenting different options for each space, is always developed. The designer can make final selections and present the Book to the Owner, for review and approval.

Suggested are original pieces, with much of the work specifically created by an artist to meet color, size and conceptual requirements

We propose a variety of unusual media, assuring creative, unprecedented solutions, fulfilling design expectations, while always maintaining budgetary specifications.

In University Park at MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Professors’ Patent drawings were creatively framed, combining technology and art.

In the Sheraton Hotel, Edison, New Jersey, a 20 foot mural merges traditional naturalistic imagery with a contemporary presentation.

Taken into consideration and researched are historical ramifications, geographical locale, design sensibilities, and thematic concepts.

In The Omni Parker House (the oldest hotel in the countr) the guest rooms display historical scenes from Boston archives, complete with the authentic wax seal of the original hotel attached. For public areas, research identified recognizable and important Boston Landmarks, which were interpreted by esteemed artists in various media.

Harriet Sesen Associates, Ltd., takes pride in providing artwork solutions that surpass the ordinary expectations. Unique pieces can be acquired or produced, worldwide, in order to fulfill the visions of all concerned, and to sustain the integrity of the design intent.

For the corridors in the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, artifacts from King Tut’s Tomb were reproduced and fabricated in Egypt, and elsewhere. An Egyptologist was consulted to ensure authenticity.

For “New York, New York”, in Las Vegas, Murals, up to fifty five feet wide were created, inspired by antique Art Deco posters. All were thoroughly researched to assure no copyright infringements.

Esteemed and knowledgeable consultants, qualified to contribute, are retained, whenever deemed advisable, in order to assure authenticity and accuracy.

Our focus on expense containment and time management enables us to share savings with our clients. Quantity purchasing, years of experience, knowledge of the profession, invaluable resources, are all reflected in the reduced cost to the hotel.

In the Marriott, Summerlin, Nevada, a framed collection of “antique drapery pulls” offers an inexpensive way to create the residential ambiance requested by the owner.



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